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Weather Eye: Expect a few more days of showers before dry spell

It sure seemed like an early spring day with the on again, off again rain showers that fell upon us Saturday. Vancouver is well over two inches for the month and at this rate, we will surpass the wet month of May that we recorded.

That means before more rain falls overnight, we enjoy some partly sunny weather today. Then a cold front will drop some light to moderate rain Monday with showers lingering into Tuesday. Some locations near the foothills could receive an inch of rain. Most other areas will see less than that.

Then as we discussed briefly here last week, some dry and warm weather will open up Wednesday through Saturday at least. Highs will reach 70 Wednesday, mid 70s Thursday and in the low 80s Friday and Saturday. At least that is the plan. There’s plenty of time to adjust.

OK, since we are measuring rainfall almost every day this month it seems, let’s review some rainfall from your friends and neighbors for May. Claudia Chiasson, Carson, 3.13 inches; Rob Starr, Cougar, 5.80 inches; Robin Ruzek, Lake Shore, 3.23 inches; Tyler Mode, Battle Ground, 3.40 inches; Ellen Smart, Ridgefield, 4.20 inches; Bob Mode, Minnehaha, 2.72 inches; Jim Knoll, Five Corners, 3.39 inches; Chuck Houghten, Hockinson Heights, 5.15 inches; Dave Campbell, one mile west of Heisson, 3.58 inches; Irv St. Germain, Prune Hill, 4.34 inches; Larry Lebsack, Barberton, 3.78 inches; Murphy Dennis, Rawson Road, 5.36 inches; and Bill Sobolewski, Livingston Mountain, 1.61 inches. Our friend, Roland Derksen of Vancouver, B.C., is back with us and he measured 3.23 inches, just about average. The official rainfall for Vancouver USA was 2.68 inches, 0.21 of an inch above average. And that followed April which was the driest April in at least 26 years.

We’ll see how long the predicted dry spell lasts that’s coming up. I’m sure it wouldn’t bother many folks if we had no rain the rest of the month as we have already surpassed the average rainfall for June. The upside is that it will be great outdoor weather for home projects such as staining the deck, cutting the lawn, etc. The downside is that it will be back to watering the lawn and garden.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.


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