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Weather Eye: Some rain likely through weekend; beyond hard to call

Despite plenty of clouds we managed to cruise into the mid-70s Wednesday as of 4 p.m., which was better than anticipated. There were a few dark clouds around to our north and east and some rain was reported near Woodland and in the foothills.

Today will be similar with only a small chance of showers, however that chance increases after dark and showers will be in the forecast Friday through the weekend. It still is up in the air just how much rain falls over the weekend. Earlier it looked like moderate rainfall, now perhaps light rain. We’ll see.

Beyond the weekend the crystal ball is a bit cloudy, so we could have a few pleasant days or more showers. I hate it when the horizon is cloudy and we can’t get a clear idea what will happen. But this June has been far from predictable and also one of our wettest Junes in years.

I have most of the rainfall amounts from last month from your friends and neighbors so I plan on sharing those on Sunday. I wonder if this month surpasses May. Crazy weather.

At least the temperatures have inched upward from last week and the overnight lows, with all the cloudiness, are mild too. Wednesday felt a bit on the humid side, don’t you think?

Vancouver has just under 2 inches of rain in the gauge so far this month. Even we if we didn’t receive a drop the rest of the month, we would be about average for the month. There are some hints that later next week we could go into a prolonged dry period. Only hints at this point, not facts.

Exactly one year ago today in my column I wrote this, “About the only complaint I suppose this week will be the ‘hot’ weather today and tomorrow. I know there are readers here that love the heat but mid- to upper 90s is a bit much.” Yep, we had a high of 96 degrees on both June 11 and 12, 2019. The only two days last June with 90 or better.



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