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Weather Eye: Showers are in the forecast each day this week

The morning rain Monday was pleasant and refreshing both for us and the lawn and garden. Between 5 a.m. and 11 a.m., Vancouver had about a quarter inch of rain. We are well on our way to reach the two-inch mark for the month. All we need are a few more showers.

Showers are in the forecast each day this week. Today will have the least chance of showers with Thursday most likely the wettest day of the week. Looking ahead to the long Memorial Day holiday, Saturday looks promising but Sunday and Monday are still obscured in the weather eye crystal ball. It could continue to be nice or showers and light rain round out the holiday. More about this on Thursday.

I guess so far this month it is holding true to previous predictions of above average temperatures and rain chances were equal at average or plus or minus. We are running about 2.8 degrees above average with the temperatures and above average on the rainfall.

Three years ago on May 22, we hit 90 degrees for the first time in the season. Unfortunately, we will not reach 90 degrees on that day this year. I’m wondering if we will reach 90 degrees this month. I certainly don’t see that 90-degree day floating around in the near future but you know how nature can throw us a curve ball.

While writing this column Monday, I was thinking about Mount St. Helens and the 40th anniversary of its major eruption. I remember that day back in 1980 weather wise. While getting ready for church, it was clear and sunny with beautiful clear skies here in Vancouver. We watched the towering plume all during the morning and afternoon hours.

It also erupted a couple times in the following weeks with rain falling at the same time. The July 22 eruption was clearly seen with clear skies that evening. It seems so long ago, a fleeting moment in time that implanted a lasting memory.



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