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Weather Eye: Should be a nice day to barbecue for Mother’s Day

I want to express my salutation of happiness to all of the Clark County ladies celebrating Mother’s Day on this delightful weather Sunday. What a nice string of 80-degree weather Friday through today.

Marine air filtered in along the coast on southwest winds and dropped the afternoon temperatures from the low 80s down into the low 70s Saturday. Along the Long Beach Peninsula, afternoon highs were in the low 80s with east winds. Even more noteworthy was that the overnight temperatures there never dropped out of the 60s. A rarity along the coast.

With sunblock and a full-brim hat, I waded along the cold surf. After my feet went numb, it was no problem. However, with offshore gusty winds and low humidity and hot temperatures, I retreated off the beach. Amazingly too hot for me.

Today will be a transition day back to our normal spring weather with a chance of showers Monday through Thursday. Even a few thunderstorms are possible, not only along the Cascades but here in the lowlands if we get enough clearing and some good sunshine to fire up the atmosphere.

Vancouver’s high as of 5 p.m. Saturday was 87 degrees. That was the warmest in eight months; we had a high of 88 degrees on Sept. 5.

Remember, our average high right now is 67 degrees. Our high today will depend on when the winds cease from the east and switch to southwest to northwest. You’ll feel it when it happens, no worry. But still a nice day for a Mother’s Day barbecue.

While I was trying to stay cool Saturday in the shade on my deck, I was browsing on my phone. My niece, Nichole VanMeter, who lives in Detroit Lakes, Minn., posted a picture from outside her window with a steady snow falling. I thought, “It is May 9, right?” OK, I’ll stick here in the 80s, thank you.

Enjoy the day and the change of pace with more clouds and showery weather for a few days. We’ll chat on Tuesday.


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