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Weather Eye: 80-degree days are nigh; pleasant Mother’s Day ahead

Our brief interlude with typical spring weather moved through overnight into Wednesday morning but rainfall amounts were on the light side; about a tenth of an inch here in the city.

Heavier amounts along the coast, Cascades and east of the mountains. Snow fell over many mountain passes.

But that is just a memory now as high pressure firmly builds over us and with an offshore wind from the east, highs will skyrocket. Our first 80-degree weather is close by with low 80s on Friday and perhaps mid-80s on Saturday. Mother’s Day will be cooler, close to 80 degrees or upper 70s, depending how quickly marine air rushes inland late Sunday.

This will be our first taste of summer and it is only early May. After this mini warm spell, we’ll be looking ahead to our first 90-degree high. Actually, knowing me, you’ll know that I won’t really be watching out for that. Too warm for me.

Even the coastal beaches will be warm, most likely pushing into the 80s Friday and maybe Saturday before cooler air off the ocean filters inland. Of course, with current advisories about traveling we may have to wait a while to go wading in the surf. No worries however, there will be plenty more warm days as we get closer to summer.

Looking ahead it appears that typical spring weather with showers or a chance of showers is in the offing for next week. Still not bad, we need the moisture as drying out too fast in the spring forebodes a nasty wildfire season.

With those east winds the humidity will drop to 20 percent or lower, so it will be really dry. Pay close attention to your yard and garden, they will dry out quickly, even some larger trees may need a soaking at the base of the tree.

Last year our first 80-degree day occurred on May 6 with a pleasant 82-degree high here in Vancouver. Enjoy the warmth and soak it in. We’ll chat on Mother’s Day.



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