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Weather Eye: April to end on nice note; rainy weekend ahead

So, what does this last day of April bring us? The tail end of Wednesday’s weak weather system could have dropped a little moisture early here and there but skies will break up by afternoon and we enjoy another nice day. Temperatures will be closer to normal, about 64 degrees, so don’t get too comfortable or spoiled with all this 70-degree weather of late.

We had a whole week’s worth of 70-degree-plus weather, yep seven days’ worth. Rainfall as of 5 p.m. Wednesday totaled .91 of an inch. Some light scattered showers or drizzle was expected around the county but it is possible the official gauge for Vancouver at Pearson Field measured less than enough to reach the 1-inch mark.

Checking the monthly statistics, this month is the driest since July. But that was summer, not spring, so this is quite unusual to get an inch or less of those April showers. It could be the driest April since the mid-1960s, still waiting for the month to end to score that one.

Although we enjoyed many 70-degree days, we never reached the upper milestone of 80 degrees plus. But guess what? It may be coming to blue skies over you. Just not this weekend. In fact, we have quite the opposite. A good soaking rain Saturday and Sunday with amounts hopefully a half-inch to 1 inch around Clark County. Boy we surely need that.

The old weather eye will be focused next week around midweek and see if it materializes. Meanwhile May Day will be partly cloudy — or partly sunny if you prefer — and around 70 degrees. If the clouds keep us overcast we may not even reach 60 degrees over the weekend. Late Saturday and Sunday, the Cascade passes will see falling snow. A touch of winter in the mountains will be short-lived. It will at least slow down the rapid snowmelt of the past week.

Hang in there as we roll into May and get through the rain this weekend and look toward sunny weather later on next week.



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