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Weather Eye: Our mild, damp weather to continue into the weekend

Another shot of light rain took place overnight Sunday into early Monday. Rainfall amounts were not that impressive once again. This week our weather will be rather mundane, not in the fast lane or the slow lane, rather just down the middle of the road. Which is fine given our society’s current condition. We don’t need extremes in our weather right now.

The National Weather Service had this to say about our weather this week and into the upcoming weekend: “Weak storm systems every day or two will continue to move across the Pacific Northwest for much of this week. This will produce some light rain at times and keep temperatures near to slightly above average. A cooler and wetter period appears increasingly likely over the weekend.”

Figures it may get wetter and cooler on the weekend, but guess what? For most of us, it is just another day. Every day is a weekend it seems and the days easily run together. Are we there yet? Bottom line is I see no extended warm and dry spell and I don’t see any really wet and cold weather, either. No frosts in the offing. Another two weeks and most of us can forget the freezing weather.

Despite several weather systems passing through, we still haven’t reached the 1-inch mark for Vancouver in the rainfall department. I do believe we may reach that milestone before May arrives, but not by much. We will end up less than half of normal for April. What else is new?

Take good care and we’ll chat on the last day of April. Enjoy what April showers that do fall.


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