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Weather Eye: April will try to provide some showers as it leaves

They say that in each life a little bit of rain must fall. It certainly did that Saturday morning but sunshine broke through the clouds and temperatures soared toward the 70-degree mark. Not too shabby I’d say.

We enjoy another partly sunny day today before clouds increase in the afternoon and evening hours. And yes, another shot of rain overnight into Monday. Tuesday looks dry and warm and the last half of the week isn’t all that bad. April will try to provide some showers as it leaves and May arrives.

As of late Saturday afternoon, Vancouver had 0.84 of an inch in the rain bucket for April, which is nearly two inches below average. The last two storms looked most impressive on the satellite pictures but weakened as they came across us. Check your soil conditions, it may not have been enough to soak the ground deeply.

I was asked the other day about planting warm weather crops. I replied that we still have a risk of a frost the next two weeks. The main part of Vancouver may be OK now. I always say the weather is usually fine by Mother’s Day. Keep an eye on Silver Star to our east. You want all the snow gone. I haven’t had a chance to look at it with all the clouds.

Last year at this time we had already surpassed the average rainfall for April. This month we have only had a few bursts of moisture and as far as the raindrops go, it has been catch me if you can. April follies continue.

I was curious on how we are doing since the water year began on October 1. Total rainfall as of 5 p.m. Saturday in Vancouver is 20.27 inches. In contrast, three years ago at this time we had 45.64 inches, over twice as much. Needless to say, this water year we are way behind average. April 2017 ended up with over four inches of rain. Yikes.

Enjoy the short dry spells as the remaining days of April slide by. We take a deep breath when the rain falls and rejoice when the sun shines. Take good care.


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