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Camas hosts first Easter egg hunt web event

The city of Camas, which traditionally hosts a huge Easter egg hunt in Crown Park, is not letting the COVID-19 pandemic stop its egg-hunting fun.

In the week leading up to Easter, Camas Parks and Recreation has been offering daily “Where’s the Easter Bunny?” photo updates featuring the Great Bunny Detective (a dog named Bella wearing bunny ears) and the search for the Easter Bunny, who has left a trail of colorful eggs all over Camas.

The conclusion? Yes, the Easter Bunny is still on the job, and is ready to get to work on Saturday and Sunday, when Camas presents its first Easter egg hunt web event, happening both days.

To participate, visit You’ll be taken to a webpage with lots of online activities, including the Easter Bunny’s search-and-find, an indoor-outdoor Easter-themed scavenger hunt. (Parents might want to check the list first to make sure they’ve procured and hidden some or all of the items on the list).

The site also offers Easter egg coloring sheets to download, and the Easter Bunny’s fun list, with suggestions for activities ranging from peeping like a chick to hopping like a bunny to drawing a flower and making a wish.

Click on the “Funny Bunny Jokes” link to share a laugh, and then go on a photo egg hunt to see if you can find the eggs hidden in the posted photographs. (A note to parents: put on your glasses, because it gets progressively harder.)

Finally, you can click on a link to see your very own card from the Easter Bunny, who sincerely hopes to see everyone in person at next year’s Easter egg hunt.



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