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Weather Eye: We cracked 70 degrees; how long until it’s 80?

We managed to finally crack the 70-degree mark with the temperature in Vancouver at the 5 p.m. hour Wednesday at 73 degrees. From now through September it is always possible the high temperature can inch up a bit after the 5 p.m. reporting hour.

Regardless, it was the warmest high temperature since another 73-degree high on September 25. The day before, we had 75 degrees on September 24. It was the first 70-degree day since a 70-degree high on Oct. 6.

As our high temperatures gradually creep upward and now that we have surpassed 70 degrees, we look forward to the first 80-degree high. Will it be this month? It can happen in April but usually in May.

The last 80-degree high in April was two years ago on April 24 with 81 degrees. I know that sounds perfect; however, I see no 80-degree weather headed our way in the next week or 10 days. We will see another high today in the 70s, and I bet there will be a few of you out on the deck sunbathing. I don’t blame you. Soak in some vitamin D.

Did you get a chance to see the “Full Pink” supermoon either Tuesday or Wednesday evening? It was neat because it rose about the time the sun was setting below the horizon. I saw some awesome photographs taken through a telescope. Wow — just wow. I’m glad our weather cooperated.

With the clear, sunny, warm weather, I know many of you are getting antsy to set out potted plants and get things growing in the garden. Again, with a cool air mass and clear nights we can still have frosts. The urban area can see a killing frost into mid-May, and the Vancouver area toward the river only another week or two.

If there is still some snow on Silver Star Mountain to our east, killing frosts are possible.

I observed many folks out riding their bikes, walking and jogging. Oh, so tempting with this weather, just keep your social distance and we are good.

What times we live in, huh?


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