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Cleveland seeking reelection to state Senate

Sen. Annette Cleveland, the Democrat from Vancouver, is again running to represent Washington’s 49th Legislative District in Olympia.

Cleveland announced late last month that she was seeking reelection to the seat she’s held since 2013. She touted her background in health care, as well as her current role as chair of the Senate Health Care committee, as key assets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This past session, I sponsored legislation to protect the health and safety of home care workers, raise wages for first responders, and with my colleagues we are making record investments in mental health and coverage for vulnerable people,” Cleveland said in a press release.

“As we continue to respond to COVID and prepare for future challenges, I’ll apply my unique and needed expertise to make sure our health and safety are protected.”

Cleveland is launching her reelection campaign remotely — shelter-in-place and social distancing measures ban traditional campaign events, as well as handshaking and door-knocking. She’ll reach voters online, she said.

“Our first priority is to protect our health by staying home and limiting contact with others,” Cleveland said in the press release. “The sacrifices we make now are critical to avoiding an even longer slowdown in our economy and quality of life.”

A Vancouver native, Cleveland worked as an aide for Sen. Patty Murray in the 1990s. She then transitioned to work in the medical field, serving as a lobbyist for the American Cancer Society before moving to Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center as public relations director.

She made a successful run at the 49th District seat in 2013 and filled the position vacated by Craig Pridemore, a fellow Democrat.

“In the next four years, we must move forward with a permanent bridge replacement, equalize school levies so Vancouver and Evergreen districts get a fair share, and continue the overall economic stabilization of our region,” Cleveland said.

Cleveland has a Republican challenger in Rey Reynolds, a corporal with the Vancouver Police Department. He announced his candidacy on March 3, along with a platform highlighting homelessness issues and enforcing the rights of parents to make decisions for their families.


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