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Weather Eye: Sorry, looks like we’ll have to wait for those sunny skies

The forecast models giveth and the forecast models taketh away. What looked like on Saturday a possible chance for some sunny and warm weather by this weekend has faded off the horizon as more cool and wet weather rolls along all week. I was trying to keep things shining.

Thursday will be the driest day. We may see hail and thundershowers today and Wednesday. The northerly jet stream wins and brings yet a couple more troughs of low pressure from the north-northwest. Good news, I guess, is snow will pile up in the Cascades. Too bad ski resorts are shut down.

March goes out today more like a lion if we can fire up a couple blustery thunderstorms. Of course, occasional sunbreaks should pop up also. But it will remain cool. The garden will have to wait a while and with snow falling down to the upper foothills here, any clearing at night for the next several weeks would bring a frost.

Monday’s cold front brought gusty winds to 50 mph along the coast and numerous hail showers. I saw some pictures of lawns all white with the ice pellets. Expect that again today but more widely scattered.

As long as we are hunkered down in our homes for the most part, there are numerous online weather studies for students and adults. You can do a web search or start out at the National Weather Service site at

Exercise is good right now and getting outdoors for a walk is great.

Just remember to keep a weather eye and watch for those dark clouds and of course if you hear thunder roar, get indoors. With suggested travel reductions, and if you are missing the coast, I have a link I can offer to watch the recent weather at Cape Disappointment. Four days of video in just five minutes. Go to:

So, as we wait a while longer for some sunny warm spring weather, we rejoice in the present with hope for the future.


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