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Weather Eye: Glimmer of sunshine on distant horizon

In these troubled times, here on the weather front we are constantly looking past the horizon to the glimmer of light we all love: the sunshine. At this point all I can see on the windowpane is raindrops, and plenty of them.

Although I think we’ll get some break late in the week, the weather pattern will be unsettled to say the least. The storm that moved through Saturday, and another today, and yet another Monday are more like the ones we get from November through February. Fall and winter, not spring.

Heavy snow, and I’m talking a couple of feet above 4,000 feet, over the next couple of days will hit the mountains. Snow levels drop Monday and Tuesday down to 1800 feet or so. Yeah, sounds more like winter, right?

As of late Saturday afternoon, Vancouver was running close to an inch and a half of rain below average for the month. We may make that up and finish more toward normal at the end of Tuesday, the last day of the month. As of 4 p.m. Saturday, 1.87 inches of rain had fallen this month.

We all know it is cooler than normal this week, too. My sweatshirt or jacket has been on most every day except that warm and dry period of March 15-23. The cool weather will continue, but it may warm a bit later in the week. The average mean temperature here in Vancouver so far this month is 45.3 degrees, 2.4 degrees below average.

Back to the glimmer of hope. Looking at the latest forecast guidance, the chance of showers decreases Friday through the weekend. If so, we will see highs back into the mid-60s. Could we reach 70 degrees? The flow of air will switch from the cool northwest to a mild southerly flow.

We keep that faithful weather eye peeled toward the western horizon at week’s end. We need a breath of fresh air. Bundle up, keep the faith and we will chat on Tuesday.


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