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Weather Eye: A little bit of snowfall to bid winter farewell

Earlier in the winter we had opportunities for snowfall, but the cold air and moisture were out of sync or the cold air stayed to our north and east. Well, here we are well into March, and it happened.

We knew snow levels would be extremely low and that small thrust of easterly winds was enough to keep the snow falling here to city levels even when the temperature was above freezing. It snowed for hours here in the lowlands with temperatures between 33 and 35 degrees.

So how can that be, you say? Drier air filtered in from the east lowering our dew points below freezing, which helped that snow stick. Most roadways were just wet or slushy at low elevations. Our foothills scored the best. Murphy Dennis on Rawson Road above Clark County Rifles had seven inches on the ground at noon yesterday.

On Livingston Mountain above Washougal, William Sobolewski measured 5.75 inches. Most areas saw at least an inch of snow, and here in Salmon Creek there was a good two or three inches of wet snow. It looked like a postcard of winter in the neighborhood.

Many snowmen were hastily made and a few snowball fights ensued as well. It was a good adhesive snow for snowballs. I bet some sledding was going on too. That only takes an inch around these parts.

The snow will soon be just a memory as higher pressure builds inland today, but it will still be cool with highs around 45 degrees and a cold wind blowing. Then Monday through Friday it will vary from partly sunny to partly cloudy with highs in the 55 to 62 range. Great weather to be outside for the kids’ early spring break. However, the mornings will be frosty.

The snow yesterday was the first measurable snow here at city levels this winter. Yes, technically it is still winter for a few more days. The spring equinox arrives early this year on Thursday. It has been 100 years since it arrived a day early. Now, let’s see a 70 degree day.



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