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Weather Eye: Enjoy sunshine when it’s there between chilly mornings

High pressure holds on this week until Friday when a cold-weather system brings us rain and snow in the mountains. By late Saturday and early Sunday as moisture wanes, snow levels drop down to city levels and anywhere could see a dusting or snowflakes in the air. Foothill snow once again.

We will keep an eye on this and see how it develops, but winter still tries to hang on. Come on March, get with the springlike weather! Today through Thursday we see some variable clouds as a weak system slides by to the north today and Wednesday. Any rain should remain north of Clark County into Cowlitz County and northward. Hopefully.

Did you get a glimpse of the full moon either Sunday night or last night? Boy, was it bright. And also, I know you “lost” an hour of sleep Sunday, but didn’t you enjoy that lingering daylight into the evening? The sun sets after 7 p.m. Brings thoughts of summer and warm evenings. But for the warm evenings we wait a while longer, for sure.

Chilly mornings are on tap this week as I mentioned Sunday. Vancouver’s low Monday was 29 degrees, with a good frost everywhere. It was 31 degrees Sunday morning. With variable clouds moving overhead tonight and Wednesday night, it may help “warm” us up a bit and keep the lows slightly above freezing in the city. If more clearing is present, then frost is likely.

When the sun shines, enjoy the new season and take in the grandeur of the flowering trees and spring bulbs. It will carry you along until warmer weather arrives perhaps during the last half of the month.

I’m hoping the weather system late in the week slides by quickly, then we escape snow in lower elevations. If it hangs round as some weather charts indicate, we see wet snow falling down to 100 feet or so even along the Washington Coast. Let’s do a happy dance and move it along quickly.

Enjoy your week and we’ll chat on Thursday and see what’s going on.


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