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Weather Eye: Get out and enjoy this stretch of dry, sunny weather

We are into our five-day stretch of dry weather so get out and enjoy it. Overnight lows will be milder than last week, with this morning being the coolest. Still some colder outlying areas may see some frost.

Don’t get too antsy to set out tender plants. The old saying goes around here as long as there is snow on Silver Star mountain to our east, a killing frost is possible. Take a look later today and you’ll see plenty of white up there yet.

The last week of winter will go out much as it has this year, mostly sunny and dry. The only rain chances left for February are this Saturday, Feb. 29. A cold weather system is forecast to drop in and pay us a visit on the last day of this month and the first day of March. I don’t expect heavy rain or windy conditions with this front but we’ll see how the week wears on.

The weak cold front Sunday brought us some blustery conditions with the winds in the 30-40 mph range. Enough to topple the garbage cans for sure. Rainfall was on the light side except a few scattered heavy downpours. You know if you got one in your neighborhood. Perhaps some small hail too.

Meanwhile we enjoy either sunny, partly sunny or mostly sunny weather through Friday. A weak low moves by to our north today and tonight so we’ll see some variable high clouds. Unless you expect to travel up to the mountain for some snow time, you can safely remove your winter tires. I am. Also, if you have your crawl space vents covered, remove those. No damaging cold on the way.

I was driving on the west side of Vancouver Friday and the flowering trees were blooming in brilliant colors. Back in Salmon Creek, they were showing only a tad bit of color but will pop out with the sunny skies the next several days.

Wearing sunglasses, we will chat on Thursday.


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