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Weather Eye: Another clear, chilly day before clouds return Friday

Wednesday was spectacular. Driving through the Mount Vista area the white snow could be seen on Hood, St. Helens, Adams and even the tiptop of Rainier.

We thank those east winds for the clean air but not the wind chill. In areas out of the wind it was pleasant and mild.

Not much change today in the weather, another chilly clear morning today and sunny skies and east winds this afternoon. More chill in the air tonight into early Friday. We see clouds slowly increase Friday afternoon but no rain is expected as a dying weather system tries to penetrate our mild and dry air mass.

Saturday will be different with more clouds, no frosty morning and a stronger cold front will increase clouds. Sunday looks rainy with snow in the mountains. With any luck showers should be over after sunrise Monday bringing dry weather lasting into Tuesday.

February is sure a lackluster month as far as winter goes. I have an appointment next week to remove my winter tires. I will then declare that winter is officially over. It almost is anyway, as the first of March is quickly approaching and that is the beginning of spring for us weather folks. Hooray!

The low of 28 degrees Wednesday morning in Vancouver seemed really cold, but we had 29 degrees the day before. How long has it been since it was that cold? Not long ago. Feb. 4 we recorded 27 degrees.

I’m afraid we are not doing so well in the rainfall department with only 1.25 inches in the rain bucket so far this month. By the time it rains over the weekend, we will be 2 inches below average. Perhaps January knew February was going to underperform so it made up for it?


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