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Everybody Has a Story: Adoptive mom witnesses miracle of birthing baby

In the 1960s, we lived in the Bay area of California. We were married for nine years, but no babies yet. We yearned for children to complete our lives, but it just didn’t happen. Our neighbors had three boys and another on the way.

We opted for adoption and awaited the news that we would soon be parents. The nursery was ready, we stayed close to the phone. The call came and a baby boy was on his way to us. The first few nights were just getting acquainted.

Then, at 2 a.m., the neighbor called: their baby was on the way too! Could I come over and stay with their three little boys? I ran over to find the mother in the last stages of giving birth! Her husband had called an ambulance but it was taking too long. I asked the mom to lay down on the couch while her husband was outside waiting. The ambulance drove right on by!

At that moment, the new baby chose to make her appearance. All I knew to do was to place the newborn atop its mother’s abdomen and say, “It’s a girl.”

She said it’s what she prayed for, after having three boys. The ambulance drivers rushed in and took over. All ended perfectly and I realized, even if I didn’t give birth to my new son, I didn’t miss out on the miracle of bringing a baby into this world.

We went on to adopt a baby girl. We still believe that God had it all planned that I would experience the most beautiful miracle of all.

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