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Weather Eye: We keep gaining minutes of daylight as we move toward March

A wee little sunshine Wednesday lifted our spirits, and smiling faces invite plenty more. It was nice, yes, but the clouds and rain are back today as another winter-weather system drops in for a visit.

Rain was expected to begin along the coast this morning and inch its way inland later today and tonight. Not heavy rain, and only several inches of snow for the mountain ski resorts. Another, stronger low invades the Northwest over the weekend with maybe a foot of snow at pass levels and above. Just a cool rain here in the lowlands.

By Tuesday or Wednesday, I see another opportunity for some basking in the sunshine with perhaps some easterly winds. That would help push the daytime high perhaps into the 60s for a taste of early spring. I can see those daffodils rising higher and higher.

Around an inch of rain should fall between now and then, and we need it as Vancouver is nearly an inch and a half below average for the month. Why does that sound like a broken record? Every time I start typing the phrase, my computer fills in the line.

Last month we exceeded our average by quite a bit, but it also melted lots of our snowpack. The next several days will freeze things up good in the mountains and add nice powder. Hit the slopes Sunday or call in sick Monday. Just say the weatherman said so.

Wednesday’s high and low temperature were 52 and 43 degrees; compare that to the average, 51 and 35 degrees — a notch warmer than normal. I have last month’s rainfall amounts to share with you from your friends and neighbors in Sunday’s column so turn the page Sunday and raise your eyebrows a bit as you review those amounts.

We have gained about 40 minutes of daylight since the first of the month and will be enjoying another 40 minutes more by the time March arrives. We’ll chat on Sunday.


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