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Weather Eye: Rain to return Thursday; winter may not be done

Are you enjoying the sunshine? I know, Sunday it was slow to appear but Monday, well it was beautiful. Cruising around the county one could see some folks washing their cars, mowing the yard (really?) and pondering what to do in the yard and garden, Spring fever? Can you feel it?

The afternoon temperatures may have felt on the cool side but Vancouver’s high of 52 degrees was pretty close to normal. Our low was 39 degrees and no frost, at least here in the city.

We will see another dry day today with variable high clouds in the afternoon as a weak weather system moves down from Alaska and swings across northern Washington. I doubt we get rain locally but I suppose a sprinkle or two may be possible tonight.

Wednesday things dry out before a wet day Thursday and showers Friday. The long holiday weekend looks unsettled, with Sunday being the best out of the three.

Still no real cold weather and snow or ice heading our way. That’s good, these calm sunny days make me anxious for spring. I went outside Monday and puttered around the yard clipping some of winter’s dead foliage.

So, is winter about over? I like these old weather proverbs that shed some light on that question. “When the cat in February lies in the sun, she will creep behind the stove in March.” “When the north wind doth not blow in February, it will surely come in March.”

Remember, we usually see a few spurts of warmth this month to remind us spring is coming. But the winter chill is always not that far away. I’ll leave you with the following words.

“If wishing could make it so, the balmy days would never go; the sun would shine from morn till night, and dispositions would be bright. The rains would come just now and then, and mostly in the nighttime when, our flowers, shrubs and trees grown tall, could use the moisture best of all.” — Walter Rue

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.


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