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Weather Eye: Will we surpass March 2017 rainfall?

In Sunday’s column, the headline read, “Parade of storms could leave us with plenty to talk about.” So, I will give you some talking points for next time you chat about the weather, how’s that?

As of 5 p.m. Monday, Vancouver had measured 6.10 inches of rain, which is the heaviest one-month total since November 2017 when 6.50 inches was recorded. We will easily surpass that by month’s end.

Another tidbit: when we reach 6.50 inches, we have to go back further to March 2017 when 7.05 inches was measured. That was extremely heavy for the month of March.

Wait, I have more. We have only had one day this month without measurable rain here in Vancouver. That was on Jan. 20. Do you remember? I can’t; all these rainy days just run together it seems.With more rain in the forecast through Friday, I expect that will be the only rainless day this month.

We have another storm arriving Wednesday, and it is quite possible we will challenge that March 2017 rainfall by the stroke of midnight Friday. Wet enough for you?

To sum things up: showers today, rain Wednesday, showers Thursday and rain likely Friday. Of course, on the days with showers in the forecast we could have some sunbreaks. Look for them, and maybe a rainbow or two?

I mentioned cooler weather after Groundhog Day. Still on track to drop the highs from the balmy 50s down below average in the low 40s next Monday and lows in the low to mid-30s. That translates to the snow level dropping down once again to our foothills. Possible snowflake or two with rain in lower city levels.

That’s OK, because usually in wintertime the trade-off to get rid of the rain and dry is colder weather. So, we switch from the rain gear to the warmer jacket.

Many local reports of frogs waking up and singing over the warm weekend. No worry; next week they will settle down for a nap.


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