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Weather Eye: Mild, wet period we’re in finds temperatures getting into the 50s

Wednesday was a damp and gloomy day around the Northwest, and not much better here in Vancouver. Rainfall was on the light side, but heavier rain was moving inland. We will also see some breezy conditions with southerly winds 25-35 mph.

With the south winds, highs will be in the mid-50s despite all the clouds and rain. Looking ahead for the next week or so, I see more rain and showers heading our way and quite mild conditions with more days with temperatures into the 50s. We are in a mild, wet period. The ski areas will have some rain off and on as the freezing level jumps around.

At least our hours of daylight are getting longer each day, although the clouds mask that somewhat. The folks up in Utqiagvik, Alaska (formerly Barrow), are having a joyful day as today the sun rose again, the first time since Nov. 18. It was slightly under an hour of sunlight, but hey, spring is on its way.

North of Clark County there was a flood watch out for today through Friday for rapid rises on the rivers in Western Washington due to high freezing levels and 3 to 6 inches of rain in the Cascades and Olympics melting plenty of snow.

Wednesday, Kelso was the warmest with a 50-degree high temperature followed closely by 48 degrees in Vancouver.

No hard freezes on the way anytime soon.

Before too long we will be hearing the groundhog’s prediction for the rest of the winter. I’m sure it will be a good one for us. So, early spring in the offing? Or a sudden quick freeze like in February 1989? Only time will tell. Time flies.


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