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Weather Eye: Snow levels remain low till Friday as crazy weather abounds

Well, we got the east winds Tuesday night and Wednesday but a little bit late to usher in cold enough air for lowland snow other than snowflakes in the air. Higher elevations received a few inches of the white stuff.

Many of the forecast models behaved the worst I have seen the past ten days. Only the European model was the naysayer most of the time for lowland snow. The cold air couldn’t make it past Puget Sound in the I-5 corridor or the mid-Columbia River Gorge to our east.

Heavy snow fell Wednesday in Port Angeles with 18-20 inches on the ground. That complex low of the coast yesterday bombed with rapid barometric pressure falls and curled up like a cinnamon roll. Temperatures were all over the place in Western Washington with 20s, 30s and 40s. Rain or snow in many places.

It snowed heavily on the northern tip of the Long Beach Peninsula Wednesday afternoon. Coupled with 40 mph east winds and snowflakes the size of silver dollars, it was quite the sight. OK, we don’t have any arctic air, but after the passage of the low off the coast, snow levels will remain low through Friday morning. Locally, we could still see snowflakes falling.

Accumulation will be above 500 feet and the precipitation will be in the form of showers. A heavy shower could bring snow down to sea level shortly. Our crazy weather still abounds until the weekend when we might bump 50 degrees on Sunday. I’m waiting.

So far this month, we have not had a freezing temperature officially here in Vancouver, which is most unusual. The coldest was 33 degrees Wednesday morning. The average mean temperature is still running 4.4 degrees above normal at 45.2 degrees. Rainfall is 2.40 inches as of 4 p.m. Wednesday, 2.50 inches below average.

I don’t see a widespread snowstorm heading our way for a while. I think we will have to see what February brings. Next time I’ll follow my gut rather than those “new and improved” computer forecast models.

We will chat on Sunday with last month’s rainfall.


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