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About North Bonneville

CSkamania Population: 1,005 Class: Code Incorporation: 1935 Form of Government: Mayor-Council Wards: No Some Events of interest in North Bonneville include Gorge Days and the great car show

The Mayor of North Bonneville is Don Stevens. His blog can be found here BLOG

City Council of North Bonneville

Charles Pace
City Council Position #1 	Elected November 2011
2 year term expires December 31, 2015 	
Contact via City Hall
Bob Bianchi
City Council Position #2 	Appointed
1 year term expires December 31, 2017 	Email
Mike Baker
City Council Position #3 	Elected November 2011
4 year term expires December 31, 2015 	Email
Phone: 509-427-5366
Craig Forster
City Council Position #4 	Appointed September 2012
3 year term expires December 31, 2015 	Email
Phone: 509-427-7779
Michael Hamilton
City Council Position #5 	Appointed July 2013
4 year term expires December 31, 2015 	Email
Phone: 509-427-7042
Committee Appointee(s) Meets More Info
Volunteer Fire Dept. Jeremy Tennison Every Monday
7:00 pm at Fire Hall
Planning Commission Chairman Greg Hartnell 1st and 3rd Tuesday
7:00 pm at City Hall
Skamania County Emergency Mgt. Board Tom Jermann Six times per year Oversees and controls the operation of the Emergency Services Coordinator.
Contact ? John Carlson
Skamania County Emergency Mgt.
Volunteer Org.
Jeremy Tennison Bi-monthly Coordinates various emergency management boards.
Contact ? John Carlson
Emergency Service Compensation Board Mayor Don Stevens
Councilor Charles Pace
As needed By statute, Mayor and one council member must serve.
Contact ? Marilyn Butler
Skamania County Chamber of Commerce Councilor Jennifer Stratton-Pies 1st Thursday
12:00 pm in Stevenson
Coordinates the promotion of tourism within the County.
Contact ? Casey Roeder
Skamania County Regional Transp. Board John Spencer 1st Wednesday Addresses coordination of transportation planning regionally and reviews some Federal funding disbursements.
Contact ? Dale Robbins, RTC
Skamania County Law and Justice Council Judge Bill Nix As needed Mandated committee to establish a law and justice plan for the Skamania County communities.
Contact ? Peter Banks
Skamania County Disabilities Board Mayor Don Stevens As needed Contact ? Marilyn Butler
Klickitat-Skamania Utilities Coordinating Council Bryan Henrichsen Once Yearly Responsible for coordination underground utilities
Skamania County Boundary Review Board Tom Jermann As needed Contact ? Debbie Van Kamp
Skamania County Solid Waste Advisory Board John Spencer 4th Tuesday
1:00 pm, Annex room
Two year appointment, deals with solid waste issuesStevenson Mayor Frank Cox
Contact ? Brad Uhlig
Southwest Washington Air Pollution Authority Mary Ann Duncan-Cole
Stevenson Mayor Frank Cox
3rd Tuesday
Deals with enforcement & implementation of Clean Air Act. Joint North Bonneville and Stevenson representation
Community Action Team Mayor Don Stevens Quarterly Sets priorities for community development projects for state wide grant prioritization.
Mid Columbia Economic Development District Mayor Don Stevens 3rd Wednesday
7:00 pm
Two year joint North Bonneville and Stevenson appointments. Deals with regional economic development, approves loans to small businesses, deals with Federal Economic Development Administration.
Contact ? Amanda Hoey
Skamania County Economic Dev. Council Mayor Don Stevens 2nd Thursday for lunch Twelve member board ? two year appointments. Coordinates agencies dealing with business and industrial development and actively recruits new industries and businesses into the community.
Contact ? Peggy Bryan
North Bonneville Public Safety Committee Bryan Henrichsen
North Bonneville Finance Committee

Full City Council


Streets/Utilities/Maintenance Committee Bryan Henrichsen
Tom Jermann
Parks/Recreation/Landscaping Committee Bryan Henrichsen
Tom Jermann
Jim Runkles
Bob Bianchi
North Bonneville Sign Committee Tom Jermann
Councilor Mike Baker
Mosquito Board Tom Jermann   5-member board of the junior taxing district that covers Skamania County and North Bonneville. 1-Year appointment.
WA Cities Insurance Authority Mayor Don Stevens
John Spencer
Hotel/Motel Tax Committee Casey Roeder, Chamber
Ron Winter, Planning
Marfa Scheratski, Hot Springs
Judy Bair, Wind River Publishing
Ian Block, RV Park
Councilor Patience Udall